by Nacho Torra © 2020

— Nacho Torra

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© MduP, SPAIN 2020

Born in Gijón, Spain 01.06.89 . I grew up painting, studied Fine Arts in Cuenca, and I finished my studies at the Pinacoteca di Brera, in Milan, Italy.

I made drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations since 2010. At that time, I was discovered by Rafael Doctor
( cultural manager and art historian ) who was the director of MUSAC. I exhibited my work in commercial galleries, as well as in some collective exhibitions around the world, while I was studying.

After almost 5 years out of the art world focused on fashion, I wanted to start a new project related to painting, but outside the circuit of art galleries... and that is how was born this project.

I started this project the 01.06.19 on my 30’s birthday as the end of a period and the beginning of a new way of presenting my projects ... MduP is a workshop with which many painters would often dream. A quiet and pleasant place for creation, benefiting from exposure to natural light with the seaport in sight.

Classic still life made up of various objects.
Arches paper Créme 200gr 123lb .

Still life
Sketch on paper
35 x 27cm