The Maison du Peintre Maison Foundée en 2019 par Nacho Torra

Paseo de la dársena, nº20 cp 15001



SEPTEMBER 09 2019    20:00 PM

First inaguration from Maison du Peintre.

JANUARY 20 2020   22:00 PM

new year new project, first show Maison du Peintre

JUNE 01 2020

Aniversary Maison du peintre.


Art Director
Nacho Torra



01. MduP Events

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02. Closed Section
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03. Rent the Space
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The main door from Maison du Peintre, an antique wood door from 1930.

The main space for Mdup, 5m tall, 80 m2 .

Maison du Peintre is a workshop many painters would often dream of. A peaceful and pleasant place for creation. Benefiting from exposure to natural light with the seaport in plain sight.


The Book Space.

The main door close.
The building is from arquitect and painter Eduardo Rodríguez-Losada .

In 1930 the space was used for paint boats in the port of A Coruña, since then was closed.


Is divided in two spaces. 01 The white and main space, Gallery and workspace. 02 the office for work, read , and open a bottle from Le Vin du Peintre our main product.
The Gallery 01:

The Office 02 :

The main space from Maison du Peintre.
The concept:
my first idea was divide the space as Day and night, light and dark for create diferent energies and ambients of work. One brigth to create, other more intimate for think, and talk.

The office side.

To commemorate the completion of the studio, I have worked on it’s very own wine, Le Vin Du Peintre. Releasing in very limited quantities, each bottle label is numbered and marked with it’s own unique hand-painted artwork. Made from Albariño from the Rias Baixas of Spain. With a scent very reminiscent of the ocean breeze blowing across from the port close by. I could not think of anything that would better represent the beginning of this new journey. A journey on which I hope to see you all along the way.  

This is our wine. with one unique drawing in each bottle.

Our design comes
wrapped with a recicled organic paper.

I was born in Gijón, Spain. I grew up painting, studied Fine Arts in Cuenca, Spain, and I finished my studies at the Pinacoteca di Brera, in Milan, Italy.
I made drawings, paintings, sculptures and installations since 2010. At that time, I was discovered by Rafael Doctor (cultural manager and art historian) who was the director of MUSAC. I exhibited my work in commercial galleries, as well as in some collective exhibitions, while I was studying.

Nacho Torra